Installing Bakefile On Debian and Ubuntu

This page describes unofficial packages built by Vadim Zeitlin for your convenience. Please send any questions/comments about these packages to Vadim and not Vaclav. Please don't file bugs about these packages either (unless they are bugs unrelated to packaging, of course!).

The Debian and Ubuntu packages of Bakefile are usually available at soon after every bakefile release, currently the latest available packages are for 0.2.9 for Debian but still 0.2.8 for Ubuntu.

To be able to install them in a usual way (e.g. using apt-get, aptitude or the GUI tool) you need to configure your system to use this repository. Here are the steps to do it in details (all of them need to be run as root under Debian or using sudo in front of all apt commands under Ubuntu):

  1. Download the key used to sign these packages and add it to the list of trusted keys:
curl | apt-key add - 

(you should also verify that the key fingerprint is 31FA F2D0 74EC 22A1 0AA4 C6DA 06EA 41DE 4F6C 1E86).

  1. Edit /etc/apt/sources.list and add the line
deb lenny main

to it if using Debian or

deb hardy main

if using Ubuntu Hardy.

  1. Refresh the list of packages with
apt-get update

or equivalent (e.g. using aptitude or the GUI).

Now you can just

aptitude install bakefile

as usual.

After a new Bakefile release you need to repeat the step 3 to re-update the list of available packages but not the previous steps which only have to be done once.