About Bakefile

Bakefile is Open Source cross-platform, cross-compiler native makefiles generator. It takes compiler-independent description of build tasks as input and generates native makefile in one of the supported formats:

  • Autoconf + make makefiles
  • Visual Studio project files (6.0, 2003, 2005, 2008, eMbedded Visual C++ 4)
  • XCode 2.4
  • Native makefiles for Windows compilers (Borland, Digital Mars, Watcom, VC++, MinGW)
  • Simple Unix makefiles using GNU Make
  • Symbian development files

Bakefile's task is to generate native makefiles, so that people can keep using their favorite tools. There are other cross-platform make solutions, but they either aren't native and require the user to use unfamiliar tools ( Boost.Build) or they are too limited ( qmake).

Getting Started

Starting Points

Bakefile manual

Comparison with other build tools

Integration with editors, shells etc.

System-specific Installation

Bakefile packages for Debian/Ubuntu

Projects using Bakefile

Google Summer of Code Ideas

Bakefile Presets to make it easier to write bakefiles

Helpful hints for learning to use Bakefile